HealHeel Ankle Sleeve™

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Step Towards Freedom & Defeat Plantar Fasciitis

Are you tired of being held back by the excruciating pain of plantar fasciitis? Does simply waking up or walking cause you unbearable pain?

Our HealHeel Ankle Sleeve™ has been specifically designed to instantly eliminate the pain of having plantar fasciitis, allowing you to move freely again and reclaim your active lifestyle. Say goodbye to the agony of heel and ankle pain! 

2,000 + Aussie Lives Changed ⭐⭐⭐

Recommended by professional podiatrists, our innovative HealHeel Ankle Sleeve™ has been proven to provide targeted compressive support to your ankle and feet, reducing inflammation, increasing blood circulation and bringing comfort to you while you are running, walking or even while sleeping!

Benefits of the HealHeel Ankle Sleeve™ 

✅ Instantly Eliminate Excruciating Pain From Plantar Fasciitis 

✅ Say No More To Pain In the Mornings Or During Intense Exercise

✅ Go Back To Being Your Pain-Free & Active Self 

✅ Save $1,000’s On Podiatrist Visits and Massages

✅ Naturally Increase Blood Circulation, Reduce Inflammation & Stiffness

✅ Australian Owned, Operated & Shipped From Aus

✅ Free EXPRESS Shipping Australia Wide 

✅ Risk Free - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Wear Them Anytime & Anywhere

Our HealHeel Ankle Sleeve™ can be worn while you are sleeping, resting or exercising. Our sleeves ensure maximum comfort, support and stability, without restricting your range of motion. All this, while ensuring your heel pain is minimised through our advanced compression technology!

Regain Control Over Your Life 

Say no more to excruciating and sharp foot and heel pains, especially in the morning. With the enhanced support and stability provided by our HealHeel Ankle Sleeve™, you will instantly experience a pain-free lifestyle, giving you the confidence and comfort to perform everyday activities as your pre-plantar fasciitis self!

Purchase Risk-Free With Our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Feel safe with our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisifed with our product, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND!

    Size Chart
     Shoe Size (EU)  Shoe Size (US Mens)  Sleeve Size 
    35 to 37 3.5 to 5 M
    38 to 41 5.5 to 8 L
    42 to 45 8.5 to 11 XL


    If you are in between sizes or have wide feet, please increase your shoe size by 1! 

    How to Wear Our Ankle Sleeve


    • 1 x HealHeel Ankle Sleeve™  
    • Adjustable Strap For Extra Support 

    Does the HealHeel Ankle Sleeve™ help with my plantar fasciitis?

    Yes it does! Using compression technology, our ankle sleeve enhances blood circulation, resulting in a significant reduction in inflammation and targeted support to feet and ankles.

    Can I wear it to sleep?

    Yes you can and we have seen many benefits when our customers have slept with it on! It certainly makes the morning pain more bearable as it promotes blood circulation while you sleep!

    How long should I wear the HealHeel Ankle Sleeve™ for?

    Each individual and their symptoms are different. However, we recommend wearing it for at least a few hours a day to provide support to your planta fascia, which will relieve heel pain and arch discomfort.

    How long before I will start experiencing pain relief?

    Each individual is different - however some customers have experienced pain relief in minutes whilst others have noticed a significant drop in pain and discomfort in weeks - allowing them to regain near-full functionality of their feet without pain within that same period!

    What material is the HealHeel Ankle Sleeve™made out of?

    The ankle support is crafted from a blend of Nylon, Latex wire, and Spandex, ensuring durability, flexibility, and comfort during use. It is breathable and has anti-odour technology.

    When can I wear the HealHeel Ankle Sleeve™?

    We recommend that you wear it whenever you are experiencing foot pain or discomfort. It is suitable for any sports activities, and also works when you are lying down / sleeping.

    What size should I get?

    Please refer to our sizing chart.

    How long does it take to arrive?

    We are an Australian small business and will ship the HealHeel Ankle Sleeve from our warehouses in NSW or VIC with EXPRESS SHIPPING. We will provide you with the tracking number via email so please keep your eyes peeled.

    If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via our "Contact Us" or on Facebook!

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